Workshop Witteveen + Bos

Witteveen + Bos will also be at the career expo.

Dynamic streets

At Witteveen+Bos we are always searching for smart ways to solve complex problems in our physical environment. One of those problems is the lack of space, particularly in the urban regions. On our streets there is a battle going on. Pedestrian zones, bike paths, car roads and parking space are all fighting for the same square meters. And that’s only traffic. How about some green, a splash of water or street furniture? In the Netherlands, every square meter has a designated function. The solution can seem simple: let’s build where space is available! But sprawling cities come with their downsides.

We believe that things can be different. Let’s reframe the problem. Is there really a lack of space? Let’s rather say that supply and demand are out of balance. At some places. At some times. With the concept of dynamic streets, we aim to restore this balance. Let’s explore alternatives! Consider pop-up bike parking at schools in the weekend or seasonal terraces on parking spaces in the summer. Why not use dynamic routing to change the flow of traffic on and off peak, or develop temporary water buffers for flash flooding. This demands co-creation with users and insight in how our demands for space can vary during time and place. We believe that smarter and multifunctional design can create more space on our streets. With a mix of (open) data analysis, creative engineering and softer skills to involve all stakeholders, we can create space.

At UTwente we organize a creative workshop where multi-disciplinary teams are challenged to use dynamic street design to solve a set of case studies from our companies’ practice.