Workshop Royal Haskoning DHV

Royal Haskoning DHV will also be at the career expo.

Serious game: Competing for space, designing for people

Building new infrastructure in the Netherlands is nearly impossible since almost every part of the country is being used in some way. During this serious game of Royal HaskoningDHV you will find out how we can still find room to construct a new highway near Rotterdam, one of the most densely populated areas of the Netherlands. This serious game also addresses the challenges in designing, constructing and maintaining a highway in that area.

In groups you will be tasked with making the best design for the new highway. To succeed, stakeholders that are currently using the area must be involved in the design process. How can you discover the wishes of every stakeholder and perhaps even more challenging, how can you incorporate their wishes and demands in the design without spending too much? This will require multifunctional use of the limited available space and smart designs. The group that has chosen the best design solutions within budget is the winner of this serious game!