Workshop Roelofs

Roelofs will also be at the career expo.

Ring Groningen-Zuid

The ‘Zuidelijke Ringweg Groningen’ (A7 / N7) is in the current situation a motorway with a speed limit of 70 km / h. The connection with the A7-A28 is on ground level provided with traffic control installations.

This makes the ‘Zuidelijke Ringweg Groningen’ a vulnerable link in the national, regional and urban main road network, as in the central zone of the city of Groningen. The accessibility of the city and region is decreasing. It is getting busier on the ‘Zuidelijke Ring’ and there are regularly traffic jams. The mixing of through traffic with local, regional traffic and the various access and exit roads contribute to this infrastructural situation.

The quality of the living environment around the ‘Zuidelijke Ringweg’ is under pressure, partly because the road forms a barrier within the city and creates a source of noise, air and visual nuisance.

A combination (consortia) has been formed for the tender stage. HEREPOORT consists of 2 large european players in the infrastructural market (Züblin and Max Bögl) and 4 regional strong MKB companies.

Roelofs is part of this consortia and participates in the engineering process, process management and the realization of this civil project.

The entire project involves a total of 388 million euros (including VAT).

In the workshop we will present a case from project ‘Zuidelijke Ringweg Groningen’. In this case you will be encouraged to work in a group to ‘search for space’ in Groningen. What aspects should you take into account? Can you finish this complex project in time, within the available space and keep the people in the neighborhood satisfied?

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