Workshop Pacer

Providing solutions in a complex environment

Urban areas get more crowded, stakeholders have easy access to broadcasting their view on projects, and despite a growing number of inhabitants, we as a citizen expect an increasing mobility to pursue an everlasting economic growth. Whereas in recent history prices dominated the infrastructure market, nowadays quality factors and treatment of stakeholders within projects play an important role. This alternating world requires a different way of developing and executing plans for infrastructural projects.

Would you like to learn how to deal with the complexity of the modern infrastructural world? During this workshop you will experience working as a PACER-consultant supporting a private client in the tender phase of a project. You will experience the challenges our clients face and how a consultant deals with those challenges on a daily basis. Based on a real project in which PACER participated, you will experience shortage of space, time and solutions in a vivid and exciting case. At the end of this workshop you know what it takes to help your client deliver a winning bid.