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Self-closing flood barrier

The Meuse (Maas) is one of the big rivers in the Netherlands. Its source is situated on the Langres plateau in the north of France and enters the Netherlands near Eijsden. The Maas is a typical rain-fed river, causing the flow of the river to fluctuate intensely.
After the 1993 and 1995 floodings in the south of the Netherlands, temporary and provisional measurements were taken to protect the surrounding villages and cities. Now, the time has come enhance the protection to a level that can deal even severe flows, which are expected due to climate change.

The casus
Steyl – Maashoek is one of the 15 projects that is scheduled for realization on short notice. The view on the village Steyl is classified as monumental, so special measures will be taken to maintain the view and local character.

See above the view on the village of Steyl. For the red part on this image, a self-closing flood barrier is chosen as preferred alternative.

Our questions and conditions:

• Raise the parapet on which the barrier starts with 70 cm.
• Raise the ground level of the square with 70 cm to maintain the sight.
• Create a flood barrier of 2.70 meter height that closes automatically when flood-levels appear.

Image: The new situation. The current situation consists of a parapet of 1.10 meters high, on which a demountable barrier of 1.80 meters high is constructed in case of expected flooding.

See this video for inspiration, built with Lego I made with my 6 year old son.