Workshop APPM

APPM will also be at the career expo.

Urbanism and Mobility are tightly bound together!

Due to ongoing urbanisation, cities are becoming much busier in the coming years. The number of dwellings is increasing, which leads to more inhabitants and a higher demand for mobility. More transportation movements, between cities and also within the city. Public transport in the Randstad is congested. The railway system reaches its maximum capacity and the available space for bike parking near stations is limited. How can planning for spatial development and mobility integrate more smoothly? How to design more efficient public space? How to create an inclusive and liveable city? 

In an interactive workshop you can experience which factors in urban planning and mobility can be changed. Two former students from the University of Twente and now working at APPM, will show you the effects of changing these factors. Next to that we will play our self-developed urbanism game! Simone ten Have, University of Twente student, will tell you about her first experiences of graduating within APPM.