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Searching for space

Efficient allocation of our environment

Growing population and urbanization lead to ever growing cities with skylines of construction cranes and tight building sites in city centers. Heavy rainfalls that flood streets, because every square meter is paved and sewage systems lack capacity. The increasing number of people that want to travel from A to B is leading to traffic jams and overcrowded public transport. Beside a place to life we also need places to work, such as offices and industry. Furthermore, we want possibilities to leisure, but also nature needs a place. Nowadays, civil engineers are searching for space to provide all the needs we have.

During the symposium “Searching for space – efficient allocation of our environment” we explore how the world of civil engineering deals with the lack of space. Which innovations are there to use the available infrastructure more efficiently? Which techniques are used to build in or under dense areas? How can we manage the integrated, complex, and innovative projects that are needed to maintain our society? Shortly: how can civil engineers use existing techniques and methods and what innovations are needed to be able to allocate our environment more efficiently?