On the 3rd of February 2021, the Civil Engineering symposium ‘Go Against the Flow – Daring, Divergent and Diligent Engineering ‘ was held.


Go Against the Flow – Daring, Divergent and Diligent Engineering

Historically, engineering has been at the forefront of innovation and implementation of new solutions with the straight-forward ambition of problem-solving and improvement of life. Present days make no exception. With the rising and expanding ecological and resource issues faced by the planet, it can be argued that now more than ever unconventional and out-of-the box thinking is needed. While it is true that Civil Engineering already pays great attention to smart, well-thought, conscientious and daring ideas, there is room for even greater emphasis, variety and inclusion.

The 28th Symposium of the Study Association ConcepT revolves around going against the traditional and daring to change the status-quo. In other words, the Symposium “Go Against the Flow – Daring, Divergent and Diligent Engineering” pokes the set narrative and delves into unique and unusual solutions. The three sectors of Civil Engineering are seamlessly intertwined together to map the future and to explore new ways of collaborating within the field and out of it, all with one goal: a better world for the coming generations.


The 28th symposium was organised by the following committee:

  • Mirco Pap – Chairman 
  • Cas Pfeijffer – Vice Chairman
  • Alesia Frangu – Secretary
  • Jochem Meinen – Treasurer
  • Carmen Asbreuk  – Chief of External Affairs
  • Ruben Bralts – Chief of External Affairs
  • Denise Thus  – Chief of Planning
From left to right: Carmen, Alesia, Mirko, Ruben, Jochem, Cas, Denise.

Chair of the Day

Sietske Konings Sweco


Robert de RoosRijkswaterstaat

Sjoerd KeetelsMovares

Jens de VriesVolker Staal en Funderingen

Expert Panel

Dr. S.R. Miller (Seirgei)Assistant Professor

Dr. Ir. M.C. van den Berg (Marc)Assistant Professor

Dr. Ir. E.M. Horstman (Erik)Assistant Professor

Identification Committee

Dr. Ir. D.M.C. Augustijn Program director Civil Engineering department

Prof. Dr. Ir. A. Veldkamp Rector Magnificus – University of Twente

Dr. G.O. van Veldhuizen – Mayor of Enschede