Sacha Stolp

Director of innovation for Future Proof Assets, City of Amsterdam

Sacha Stolp is the Director of Innovation for Future-Proof Assets for the City of Amsterdam. This cross over program and an initiative of the department of engineering and the department of urban management. The urban asset managers are on behalf of the municipality of Amsterdam manager of the public space ranging from pavements, quay walls, wharfs and public green areas. As Director of Innovation, it is her task to prepare the existing city and her assignment to the consequences of climate change, energy and raw material transition and the on-going development of smart city. The “Mediator of Innovation” is process role she developed to help regular projects in adapting and accepting uncertainty and innovation in their assignment. Innovations like Smartroof 2.0, Photosyntesisand CitySports are some of several pilot projects realized in collaboration with knowledge institutions and the business community.

Sacha studied economics at the University of Amsterdam.

Mayor’s Manual Podcast

What should be in the handbook of mayors to make cities future-proof? In the Mayor’s Manual podcast, hosts general director Kenneth Heijns (AMS institute) and director of future-proof assets Sacha Stolp investigate this with guests from all over the world.“Every week we explore solutions to urban challenges. Solutions we see in the distance and those that need to be scaled up tomorrow.” (learn more at or listen to the Mayor’s Manual Podcast at Spotify or Apple Podcast.

Sacha is also the member of the innovation board of AMROR, a collaboration between the engineering firms of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management, the Municipality of Rotterdam, and the Municipality of Amsterdam. Within this network she represents the city of Amsterdam in the Dutch trade missions of the Global SMART-City network.

Her personal slogan:

“Let us immerse ourselves in the mass of people and learn from each other, share knowledge, be optimistic, trust and cooperate. Because we can not only learn from nature. We can also do that from technology, from each other, and from one of the greatest technical achievements that people are capable of: building fine, ingenious and sustainable cities.”