On the 6th of February 2020, the Civil Engineering symposium ‘Breaking Barriers – Pushing boundaries by innovative measures’ was held.


Breaking Barriers – Pushing boundaries by innovative measures

Within our current society, there is a lot of competition. Everyone wants to build something bigger, more beautiful or more expensive than the people around them; boundaries are approached. To realise the “wants” without causing additional problems, boundaries should not only be approached, but should also be pushed aside to fulfil the wishes of our society. This is a challenge for the Civil Engineers now and in the future.

During the symposium “Breaking Barriers – Pushing boundaries by innovative measures”, pushing boundaries is the central concept. In the current society, problems will become more complex rather than easy and these problems are asking for an innovative and sometimes extreme approach. Which innovative solutions are being applied at the moment within the Civil Engineering sector? Where are the boundaries concerning sustainability, efficient use of space and technology at this moment? But more, where will the boundaries be in the future? In this symposium, multiple challenging projects are asking for innovative or sometimes extreme solutions. Together we will be trying to push the boundaries and possibly even break them.


The 27th symposium was organised by the following committee:

  • Martijn van Arem – Chairman
  • Luuk-Jan Zegers – Vice Chairman
  • Amy ten Berge – Secretary
  • Maarten Verboom – Treasurer
  • Gijsbert van de Waerdt – Chief of External Affairs
  • Jaime de Bruin – Chief of External Affairs
  • Luuk van Laar – Chief of Planning
From left to right: Luuk, Jaime, Amy, Martijn, Luuk-Jan, Maarten, Gijsbert

Day’s Chairman

Ir. Rinse Wilmink – Rijkswaterstaat


Tineke School – DAT.mobility

Yawar Abbas – Concrefy

Koen van Doremaele – BAM Infraconsult

Expert Panel

O.A.L. MSC (Oskar) Eikenbroek –

PHD Candidate

Dr. Ir. L.L. (Léon) Olde Scholtenhuis –

Assistant Professor

Ir. K.R.G. (Koen) Reef –

PHD Candidate

Identification Committee

Dr. Ir. D.M.C. Augustijn –

Program director Civil Engineering department

Prof. Dr. Thom Palstra –

Rector Magnificus – University of Twente

Prof. Dr. G.P.M.R. Dewulf –

Dean of Engineering Technology Department