Choose personal growth, choose phbm

phbm is the consultancy firm in the Randstad that excels at linking people in projects and focusses on collaboration and teamwork in the creation of successful projects. We love working together on infrastructural projects and the shaping of the public domain.  

People driven collaboration is at the heart of everything that we do, for public/ governmental bodies and for private partners. We are known for our broad view on risk-, planning-, project-, process- and contract management and public tenders. We believe that projects thrive through collaboration, with a focus on the people in the project rather than the project itself.

At phbm your personal growth is at the centre of attention. phbm invests in your personal growth and leadership, among others with our biweekly phbm-days and a large personal budget which you can invest in your own goals, whether it be largening or deepening in your field of expertise or development on a personal level.

You are continuously aware of your role, qualities, behaviour and your impact on others: you are eager to develop and deepen your leadership skills. You are continuously looking for ways to develop yourself and  broadening your horizons. You are multi-faceted, with a natural focus on co-operation. By being you, you connect people and build relations, focused on long-lasting co-operation.