Symposium Committee 2023

The 30th Symposium of ConcepT is organised by the ‘Symposium committee 2023’.

From left to right: Naomi, Daan, Mart, Floris-Luc, Leon, Elin

Chairman: Mart Leeman

Hello, my name is Mart and I am a master student Construction Management and Engineering. This year I got the honour to organise the Symposium as chairman. My study is aiming at project leadership, -management, and all the things surrounding the project in civil engineering. Organising the Symposium puts my learnings to the test with the challenge of using my soft skills as well. Having already competed in the national and international project management championship, being chairman of the symposium seems like a nice challenge and learning opportunity. Until now I am proud on the team so far and looking forward to seeing the result on the 7th of February! 


Secretary: Leon Slootman

Hey there! My name is Leon and I am the secretary of the Symposium committee 2023, which means I am in charge of answering all your questions and running this beautiful website. I am a third year Civil Engineering student, and this is also my third year that I have been active at study association ConcepT. After three mostly social committees I felt like it was time to organize a professional activity, so the symposium was the obvious choice for me! In my free time I like to do many things with friends and if you are very lucky you might even catch me playing tennis at Ludica. We as a committee are working very hard to make this year’s symposium as great as possible, which I can guarantee you that it will be. I am looking forward to see you on February 7th!


Treasurer: Daan Gestel

Hello there! My name is Daan Gestel, and I am this years treasurer for the Symposium committee. I am a third year civil engineering student, but right now I am mostly busy catching up with courses from the previous year, since I was doing a board year at D.A.V. Kronos, the student athletics association. I have a great interest in money flows and book keeping, hence I have become the treasurer. However, I am also very interested in large civil engineering projects, so that’s why I joined the symposium committee. In my free time I like to do sports such as athletics, tennis and cycling racing. I am also a part of the independent fraternity Sine Fortuna, with whom I like to have beers together on Tuesdays. I am really hyped for the work that our committee will do in advance of the symposium, and I hope to see you all on February the 7th. 


Chief of External affairs: Naomi Ross

Hi! My name is Naomi, and my function is chief of external affairs, together with Elin. We manage all contacts with companies in preparation for the symposium. I am 19 years old and currently in my second year of the Civil Engineering bachelor. Besides studying, I play field hockey at the student hockey club DHC on the campus. I also enjoy drinking with friends or having a drink with my sorority Dionysus. We as a committee are putting a fun and informative day and we are looking forward meeting you the 7th of February! 


Chief of External affairs: Elin olde Heuvel

Hello! My name is Elin, and I am part of the Symposium Committee of 2023 as Officer of External Affairs. This academic year I have started my master after successfully finishing the Bachelor programme of Civil Engineering in Twente. In my free time, I enjoy dancing and listening to music. In addition, I love to travel and meet new people. I am looking forward to the Symposium this February. I am sure we will be able to organise an interesting and great event, where hopefully I will get to meet you! See you soon on the 7th of February. 


Chief of Planning: Floris-Luc Witjes

Hey, my name is Floris-Luc and I am a second-year student currently. My awesome function in the symposium committee is the Chief of Planning and this means that I need to arrange the location and take care of the planning for the big day on the 7th of February. Before starting the symposium committee I previously already did the AkCie committee where I had the function of treasurer. I am also currently doing the BuLa committee where we will organise a trip to somewhere next year. Besides studying and being active at ConcepT I like to go for a run in the forest to stay active and I also like to go out for a beer with my friends. I am really looking forward to the symposium and I hope to see you there on the 7th of February! 

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