Symposium Committee 2024

The 31th Symposium of ConcepT is organised by the ‘Symposium committee 2024’.

From left to right: Jasper, Joris, Judith, Yarno, Thijs, Nick

Chairman: Judith van Velden

Hello, my name is Judith and currently I am a third year student in my bachelor Civil Engineering.Last year I did a parttime board year at UniPartners Twente, where I learned a lot about project management. This year I wanted to put those skills to the test as the Chairwoman of the Symposium. As the chairwoman, it is my task to keep track of everyone’s progress and ensuring that we will organize an amazing Symposium. Next to this, I am a member of DRV Euros, and every Wednesday evening you can find me at my sorority, Ventolera. I am looking forward to see how our choices will change and innovate the Symposium. See you on february 6th!


Secretary: Yarno Dijkman

Hey everyone! My name is Yarno and I am the Secretary of the Symposium Committee 2024, which means that I’ll be in charge of running this website and keeping up the mailbox. Currently, I’m a second year Civil Engineering student at the University of Twente. The Symposium Committee is not the first committee I’m doing for the study association ConcepT, since I previously did the AkCie committee, and currently I am planning a trip abroad with the BuLa committee. Besides studying, I love doing track and field, specifically sprint and long jump, so you can find me six times a week at the track. With the committee we worked really hard to set up an enjoyable program with some new features and creative content. I am looking forward to an inspiring and unforgettable day and I hope to see you all the 6th of February at the 31st Symposium.


Treasurer: Joris Ruiter

Hey everyone, my name is Joris, I’m a third year student civil engineering and this year I will be the treasurer of the Symposium Committee 2024. Besides doing committees at ConcepT, I’m also an active member of Euros, also doing a lot of (big) committees there, and play football in the IVC competition, and I like to party with whoever I am with.


Chief of External affairs: Jasper Hofman

Hello! My name is Jasper Hofman and I am excited to share that I will be taking on the role of Chief of External Affairs for the Symposium Committee, together with Thijs. We coordinate and manage all contacts with companies in preparation for the symposium. This year I started the master Construction Management and Engineering at the University of Twente. Currently, I am working at the waterboard Noorderzijlvest in Groningen, as a freelancer at different companies and at the most intriguing place “The Concrete Lab” as a TA. In my free time I enjoy staying active by going to the gym and spending quality time with friends, whether it’s partying or going on trips. Our committee is diligently working on an entirely refreshed, enjoyable, and informative event and I am really looking forward to see you there on February 6th!


Chief of External affairs: Thijs de Bos

Hi, my name is Thijs de Bos and I am happy to be part of the Symposium committee 2024. My function is officcer of external affairs, I carry out this function with Jasper. The function entails finding, contacting and contracting all companies attending the symposium. I am nineteen years old and currently in my second year of the bachelor civil engineering. Besides organizing the symposium and studying, I like hang out with friends and play sports. I play floorball and love to drink a beer after training. Our committee is working really hard to create a usefull and enjoyable day Introducing a new format, improving the experience for students and companies. We hope to see you at the sixth of February for an unforgetable Symposium.


Chief of Planning: Nick So

Hey! My name is Nick and I am excited to be a part of the symposium committee 2024 at ConcepT. My role as Chief of Planning is to oversee the event management on the day and coordinate all the planning and details beforehand to ensure a smooth, productive and enjoyable symposium. I have confidence that the upcoming annual symposium will be a great success and I hope that all of you are excited about it as well. Prior to the symposium committee, I was in the AkCie at ConcepT as a Chief of Activities where I had the pleasure to plan fun activities. Apart from ConcepT, I am also active in ICF Enschede and a board member of Hippocampus. The symposium was enjoyable to organise with my committee and I am sure that it will be interesting and a great way to connect. See you all on the 6th Febuarary! 

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