Lecture: Robert de Roos

Civil engineer Robert de Roos has worked for 15 years in various roles at the engineering firm DHV. He worked on the High Speed Line, Renovation Noordersluis and water purification and has completed an MBA Project Management in Construction in Twente. Ten years ago he switched to Rijkswaterstaat, where he became head of hydraulic engineering. He has now been a top technology advisor for two years. He will tell an inspiring story about two current topics: firstly, about the background of the project implementation and future plans for the Marker Wadden and secondly, a textbook example of a Building with Nature project. Questions about the IJsseldelta and other projects can also be discussed. He will also discuss Rijkwaterstaat’s sustainability ambition in the field of works of art. This will cover the dilemmas of CO2 reduction, reducing the use of primary raw materials and extending the lifespan of structures. Finally, he will briefly discuss the role of automated design in the world of engineers.
In short, this is a nice insight into the possible working area of the ambitious engineers of the future.