Lecture: Sjoerd Keetels

Sjoerd graduated with a master’s degree in Building Technology at TU Delft. Sjoerd has now worked for Movares as a sustainability consultant for several years. Based on his intrinsic motivation, he is strongly involved in the creation of a sustainable and liveable environment, a connection is established between the stakeholders and Movares’ technical knowledge for Buildings, Earth, Road and Hydraulic Engineering. In addition, he focuses on stimulating complex closed material and supply chains, which is part of the transition to a circular economy.

He will take you through the challenges of a transition to a circular building Netherlands. He will do this on the basis of several projects. Firstly, he will take you through the project of replacing the Den Oever bridges on the Afsluitdijk. Second, a pedestrian bridge for the municipality of Zoetermeer. Finally, through the project about a temporary bicycle parking facility in Eindhoven.