Lecture: Pulau Tekong Polder Construction Project, Singapore

The city-state of Singapore is following a strategy of land reclamation to sustain its economic growth. The traditional method of land reclamation by backfilling requires large quantities of sand, which has become a scarce commodity in the region. As a result, Singapore is now looking at alternative methods. Construction of low-lying polders surrounded by a ring dike, as applied in The Netherlands for centuries, is one of these alternatives. This is not just a different construction method: land use below the water level requires a different mindset when it comes to flood risk mitigation, organization and management.

Recently, Singapore started the construction of a ‘pilot’ polder near the island of Pulau Tekong, in order to gain experience in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of polders. The polder has been designed by Royal Haskoning DHV, in combination with local parties, and the contract for the construction was won by a Joint Venture of Penta Ocean Construction company (of Japan) and the Dutch maritime contractor Royal Boskalis Westminster NV. Jeroen van den Bos, senior coastal engineer at Boskalis, will give an introduction to the project and will present the current status of the construction preparation works.

Speaker: Jeroen van den Bos