Dr. Ir. Pieter Roos

As associate professor in marine morphodynamics, I study how the shape of the seabed and coastal areas change due to erosion and sedimentation. This includes the response to both climate change and engineering activities such as sand extraction, e.g. for large-scale projects such as Maasvlakte II. In this research, I develop and apply new mathematical models that describe the motion of water and sand in such environments. My research projects always have links with engineering consultants, governmental agencies and knowledge institutes from Netherlands and abroad. I look forward to a fruitful symposium with our students and professionals from practise! 

Dr. Hans Voordijk

I am associate professor in Construction Engineering and Management, coordinator of the UT EngD design programs and honorary associate professor at the School of Property, Construction & Project Management of RMIT University Melbourne. My research and lecturing is on the crossroad of Construction Supply Chain Management and Digital Technologies. I am also interested in philosophy of technology in civil engineering. My research projects have focused on the development of purchasing and BIM maturity models, public procurement tools encouraging innovation and design-for-assembly methods for construction and infrastructure projects. I am looking forward to discuss the preconditions for innovation in great civil engineering projects! 

Oskar Eikenbroek

I am assistant professor at the department of Transport Engineering and Management. My research centers on data-driven modeling and optimization of transport systems with a focus on multi-objective and multi-level optimization under uncertainty. My research projects are multi-disciplinary in nature, and in close collaboration with (inter)national academic institutions, governmental agencies, consultancy firms and other industry partners such as logistics service providers and public transport operators. I look forward to exploring smart and innovative civil engineering solutions to ensure sustainable development in an increasingly urbanized world.