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Wessel van der Sande

PhD at University of Twente, Marine and Fluvial Systems 

A PhD is an extension of an MSc thesis? Wrong! During the symposium, I will bust this and some other myths about doing a PhD and tell about what possibilities there are in the afterlife. Furthermore, I will give an overview of ongoing research projects in the broader WEM group and how these may be related to sustainability.  

Before I studied at the Master’s program Water Engineering and Management and went on to pursue a PhD in the same direction, I was at the BSc-program UCT (alias ATLAS). My PhD project falls under the umbrella of the Marine and Fluvial Systems (MFS) research group, as well as the larger umbrella of Water Engineering and Management (WEM). The research of MFS focuses on natural processes in water systems such as river bends, coasts and shelf seas; the other subgroup in WEM (MWM – Multidisciplinary Water Management) looks into socio-economic effects of water management such as water footprints of consumables or water management at the catchment scale.