The subscription has closed!

Welcome to the website of the annual symposium of ConcepT, the study
association for Civil Engineering at the University of Twente. The symposium of ConcepT is the largest Civil Engineering event in the region. This makes it ideal for companies and students to connect.

On the 8th of February the 29th symposium of ConcepT with the theme, Get on board: The journey to a smart sustainable future, will take place. Unfortunately, the current corona measures do not allow us to organise a physical symposium. Therefore, the symposium will be organised online! We put a lot of work in the transition from physical to online and therefore we think that the online symposium will be as epic as a physical symposium. Many companies that work in the different branches of Civil Engineering will be present. Next to that a luxurious lunch will be provided so that at home you can get the real symposium feeling. The subscription has opened and will close at 31th of January. As the Symposium committee of 2022 we hope to see you the 8th of February!

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